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Why "Feeling-Based Visualization" As Described In The Secret & Many Other Self- Help Programs Is NOT Enough To Manifest Your Heart’s Desires!

"Discover The Secret "Master Tool" Used By The World's Greatest Performers and Spiritual Masters... To Live Their Life’s Purpose AND Manifest Spectacular Results!"


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Dear Friend,

There are no accidents!

And it’s certainly no accident you arrived at this web site…Here’s why…

I believe something deeper brought you here … the desire to have more … the desire to do more… the desire to be more than what you’ve been in your life up to now!

The fact that you’re here reading this letter means you inwardly sense the gap between where you are now and where you truly want to be. Of course you want to better yourself and your results in your life.
Who doesn’t?

The Question Is HOW Do You Go About
Attracting What You Truly Want?

If you’ve seen the recent hit movie “The Secret”, you’ll know all about “The Law Of Attraction”. To briefly re-cap, basically the idea goes something like this:  If you want something, you simply visualize it as if it were already in your life here and now. 

You see what you would see, and just as important, you feel the emotion you would feel as if it were already here.  Doing this creates an "energetic match" with what you desire and so the “Law Of Attraction” responds by bringing it to you.  So that’s the basic idea…

Now let me make one thing clear...

Nobody here is calling the “Law Of Attraction” or ANY of the spiritual laws into question. They work.

No doubt about it. It’s just that the way it was presented in the movie often leads people to get frustrated with the process. And believe me, I know what that’s like!

I hear that from folks all the time. Loads of people have said as much on our blog – “I’m missing something!” and “I know there’s more to it!”

What about YOU? Has “The Secret” worked for you?

Did you think it’s a waste of time?  Have you had some successes with “The Secret”?

However well or badly it’s worked for you, I’m sure you’re someone who wants to make your life better otherwise you wouldn’t be taking the time to read this letter. 

So let’s look at the major traps and pitfalls in the way the law of attraction was presented in “The Secret”

Do You Experience These Telltale Signs Of Spiritual Distress?

Here are some of the telltale signs that you may have some “energetic leaks” going on that are blocking the success you deserve with “The Secret”.

If you recognize any of these.... it's time to get excited! …. Because that means you’re about to get a huge A-HA breakthrough!!!

  • Confusion Around WHAT You Want To Attract.  You’re not sure what you really want.  Yes, you want more money and you want better relationships, but is that really what’s best for you to go after?  Are you seeking what the Universe (God or your Higher Self, etc.) knows is best and right for you at the deepest levels?

  • The Sense That “Something Is Missing”.  Maybe you have a good idea what you want and feel pretty good for the first part.  It’s just that under the surface, there’s a deeper sense that something is not quite right.  Something is missing.  The feeling that you are whole and complete in your day-to-day life isn’t as strong as before.

  • Fear, Anxiety, Depression & Other Forms Of Unconscious Resistance.  Maybe you finally do decide to manifest a new car or a new lover or whatever.  But somehow it seems like your “stuff” keeps coming up to thwart you just when you thought you were making progress.  It’s like something within you is holding you back.

If any of that is familiar to you, guess what? 

It’s NOT your fault but it IS your responsibility. Let me explain…

I remember when I was younger I fell into this trap all too often! The way “the law of attraction" was presented in "the Secret" movie placed too much emphasis on outward results. When we focus on outward results, the irony is that we actually become less effective in getting those things.

In fact, much less!

Can you see the truth of this in your own life?

Have there not been times when you really wanted something (a promotion, a new lover, respect from others or whatever). And the more you wanted it, the more you somehow pushed it away! Maybe it seemed like the Universe was playing some kind of sick joke on you. I understand all too well .... we've all been there!

The worse part is that when we over-focus on outward results, we don't just become less effective, we actually lose ourselves in the process. So what's the answer?

OK, now I'm going to explain the real key to making the secret work for you...

What's the one word they never mentioned once in The Secret?


Practice is what allows you to be happy in the NOW .... confident that the outward results you want are going to appear soon enough.

Practice is also what causes you to manifest spectacular results (just look at top athletes and performers in any field).

My 27 years of teaching have taught me that practice is critical. It's critical for creating all the changes you want to see in your life. And it's critical for a life of health, happiness and deep fulfillment. And so I decided to put together a step-by-step program that shows you how to apply The Power Of Practice so you can be happy.... AND attract all the amazing outward results you want...

Introducing “The Power Of Practice Program” – A Practical Guide To Health, Happiness & The Life You Are Meant To Live!

The Power Of Practice Program shows you how to manifest your heart’s desire from the inside out.  It teaches you how to stop obsessing about the THINGS you want and instead begin to develop  your awareness of who you are and what you’re really here to do!

Let me explain…

Right now, there is a high vibration energy that flows through your central channel – that is, the channel that runs vertically through the center of your torso.  In The Power Of Practice Program you learn how to connect to that energy and how to live your day-to-day life from the sheer joy of that awareness.

This is called “Core Energetic Awareness”.  Why is it important?

When you’re connected to your “core energy”, you begin to KNOW what’s highest and best for you to do here and now.  This eliminates doubt and confusion and strengthens your sense of purpose.

This makes you super effective in anything you choose to do and attract because it’s coming from the core of who you really are.  But that’s only the first step.  Next you will discover…

The Secret “Master Tool” For Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire!

Once you’ve connected to yourself … once you’re knowing yourself and knowing what’s highest and best for you.... The next step is to LIVE it.

This does NOT mean going about your daily life pretending that your dreams have already happened.  No, that’s just living in fantasyland.

You have to live it by taking appropriate action….but NOT action in the traditional sense.  We’re NOT talking about  “walking on fire” or pushing yourself to do something “macho” or anything like that.  That just burns you out and creates a “push-pull” internal conflict cycle.

We’re also NOT talking about “inspired action”!

Of course you do want to be inspired by your core energy.  It's just that, to many people, what “inspired action” really means is doing practically NOTHING (but just enough to convince yourself you’re serious when in fact you’re still holding back).

What we’re talking about here is NOT action in any of those senses.  So what kind of action are we talking about? The answer is practice.  So let's talk about how and why your personal practice is critical to your happiness, fulfillment and succcess with the law of attraction...

The Secret “Master Tool” They Never Mention Once In “The Secret”

Look at those who have produced exceptional results in any field - Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Buddha and many more. You name it, their success was built on a daily practice that allowed them to be their Highest Selves and LIVE their heart’s desire in the world.

Daily practice is a way to organize your life so that you actualize what’s highest and best for you on a consistent basis.

If it’s your dream to be a world-class tennis player, you’ll want to create a daily practice of tennis skills to be that.  If it’s your dream to make money by running a certain kind of successful business, you’ll want to create a daily practice to do and be that.

To be truly happy and effective, you want to follow a daily practice that matches what you truly want to have and be in the world.

And since your ability to do that depends on your level of health and energy (your “core energetic awareness” as its referred to in the Power Of Practice) you’ll also want to discover and follow your own daily practice for health and well-being as well...

OK, I See What You Mean By "The Power Of Practice"... 

So Who Is Kevin Schoeninger Again?

Who better to you help live from your “core energy” and create YOUR daily practice than Kevin Schoeninger?

He’s a certified personal trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, and Qigong meditation instructor with a Master's degree in Philosophy. He’s been working with clients for over 25 years to help them de-stress, develop holistic fitness, and learn tools for personal and spiritual growth.

What he teaches is not “pie in the sky” theory. He knows what gets results and what it takes to make significant and lasting spiritual progress.
In the Power Of Practice Program, Kevin will help you discover and develop YOUR PRACTICE for living the life YOU are meant to live. 

Here's just some of things you'll discover in this breakthrough program

  • Why surrendering your dreams to the Universe (in certain respects) is just asking for trouble. Which parts of your personal masterpiece do you need to plan and which do you need to “let go”? Most “new age” thinking misses the boat on this completely! (p156)

  • How to easily blow past the greatest obstacle to the life you are meant to live. Falling short on this hammers the final nail in the coffin of your dreams. But fear not… a superior attitude expressed by two words is all it takes to re-secure your destiny… (p127)

  • A rarely known technique for releasing any negative emotion or behavior pattern.  This technique does NOT utilize affirmations, NLP or any kind of language based technique.  It can be done covertly in public without people knowing what you're doing (p44)

  • 12 questions you need to ask in order to create a daily practice plan that works. Answer and implement these questions and you’re on the road to being abundantly healthy, happy and living the life you are meant to live (p187)

  • Why having infinite possibilities can actually hold you back & how to know your “own-most possibilities” – the one direction that’s right for you from where you are now (p57)

  • Knowing your “own most possibilities” – The two ways you can know for definite what choices are in alignment with your inner being. Once you know this, you can always be certain you’re making the right decision.

  • The primary mistake people make when it comes to manifesting!

  • The 12 principles of practice – apply these principles to anything you want to manifest & watch as your dreams begin to happen! (p209)

  • The 4 components of your perception & how understanding them allows you to change you experience at will (p34)

  • The 9 forces that control your experience & how understanding these allows you to choose your own experience (p39)

  • How to release resistance to your desires, so you attract what you want faster than ever

  • The primary mistake people make when it comes to perception & how the establishment plays on this device to control your thoughts & emotions.  You'll also discover how you can take charge of this device to shift your experience of anything! (p61)

A Fresh Perspective On Manifesting Your Dreams

  • Why focusing on what you want as described in “The Secret” & most self help programs can totally destroy your chances of having it! (p62)

  • The most effective way to use goal-setting & “feeling-based” visualizations in order to manifest your deepest, highest desires. Not only is this far more effective, but you actually enjoy & appreciate your life in the here & now! (p62)

  • The 4 essential elements of manifestation: thinking, feeling ________ & _______. Why just thinking & feeling is not enough (p106)

  • A simple thing you can do in the early stage of manifesting your deepest desires to help ensure you don’t destroy your progress (p85)

  • One of the biggest stumbling blocks people run up against when trying to manifest & how to overcome it (p86)

  • Why feelings are often not a reliable source of knowing (p89)

  • The key understanding that will allow you to jettison the “results obsessed” mind-set. This one insight alone can change the quality of your life forever (p63)

  • Does the subconscious really know the difference between what you imagine & what’s real? What’s the right way to do it? (p63)

  • You get the results you truly want by _________ & fully __________ itself (p64)

  • What are “internal goods” & “external goods”?  How can understanding this distinction help you effectively manifest what you truly want and enjoy the process (p65)

  • Knowing what’s best for you – how to realize your “own-most” possibilities

  • What are “internal goods” & how can they help you re-discover abundant joy? (p60)

  • How to manifest your ideal life - the life you are meant to live! (p69)

  • The 12 skills of consciousness you need to create what is truly yours to be & do in this life

  • How to live from a state of core energy (p71)

  • A fresh perspective on manifestation: the key to manifesting your ideal life is to be ______ & _______ while choosing your ________ in order to realize your “own-most” possibilities for the benefit of all (p77)

  • Forget “infinite possibilities” – here’s how to manifest what’s highest & best for you in the context of your life – your “own most” possibilities (p82)

  • The first “tell tail signs” that you’re off track & not living the life you are meant to live (p84)

  • How to develop the skill of making the highest & best choices for you (p86)

  • How can you learn the art of choosing well? (p86)

  • Recognizing “red flags” & “green flags” – how to interpret the internal & external signs on your path. This is absolutely critical for happiness and success. Everything depends on your ability to do this well.

  • How can you tell the difference between “feelings” & “markers”? Why & how does this determine your ability to make the right choices in your life? (p89)

  • What are the 3 layers to all your feelings? (p89)

  • How do you know if a feeling is coming from you or from your environment? (p89)

  • How your “green flags” are hiding in plain sight & how to instantly recognize them (p89)

  • How a simple shift can turn what was a “red flag” into a “green flag” (p89)

  • 37 everyday words & phrases to help you identify “green flags & markers” so you find yourself making just the right choices to manifest your “own-most possibilities” (p93)

  • 5 common “red flags” & what to do so you take the right actions & make the right choices for you (p96)

  • 33 everyday words & phrases to help you identify “red flags & markers” so you avoid the wrong choices & find yourself making just the right choices to manifest your “own-most possibilities” (p100)

  • How to understand “core energetic awareness” & “the power of practice” from the context of Christianity, Judaism & Islam. With this understanding, you’ll even be able to relate with people who have strongly held religious beliefs! (I know, it’s amazing but true!)   (p104)

  • How to know yourself, be yourself, and care for yourself (p109)

  • 4 self care practices for radiant health & well-being

  • A simple technique for knowing exactly what nutrition your body needs for profound health & wellbeing! (p112)

  • How to develop the skill of present focus so you experience real peace of mind throughout your daily life (p115)

  • How to use journaling as a tool of self discovery

  • How to bring your personal meaning to the larger world around you (p138)

  • How to brainstorm with “core energetic awareness" to effectively sense new alternatives & possibilities (p143)

  • The “standing outside yourself” technique – a simple way to release & let go of any limiting perspective (p149)

  • How to enjoy peace of mind throughout your day & have more choice (p154)

  • How to take responsibility for your bank balance & how to grow it (p163)

  • Understanding the cause of deep inner conflict & how to resolve it (p162)

  • Meditation & Manifestation Secrets – how they fit together! (p179)

  • How to release from tension, fear & other conditioned responses that have become locked into your cells. Positive thinking will do you little or no good here (p180)

  • How to develop the one quality you already possess that counteracts fear in yourself & the world around you. (p184)

  • What you need to in order to experience anything you desire (p185)

  • How your feelings determine what decisions & what actions you’ll take

  • The power of internal alchemy


    How To Live Your Heart's Desire In The World


  • How to develop the genuine, heart felt compassion of a Buddhist monk (p168)

  • How to develop the one quality you already possess that counteracts fear in yourself & the world around you. (p184)

  • The "unlikely" daily practice that will help you build a stronger community (p177)

  • How to extend your sense of community relationships while traveling the world! (p172)

  • Strengthening relationships: How to “make a date” with your partner, family member, friend or colleague

  • How meditation can help you build a stronger community (p177)

  • How to widen your social circle, business network (p175)

  • The dos & don'ts of beginning your new creative project! (p139)

  • The 3 types of happiness & how they relate to the 3 aspects of you

  • How to fulfill your 3 dimensions of self to ensure you live a balanced, happy & fulfilled life (p79)

  • How to have great friendships

  • Sacred Listening: how to listen with such presence that people are compelled to like, love & respect you! (p165)

    How To Define, Implement & Deepen Your Personal Practice So You Live The Life You Are Meant to Live


  • What’s the minimum amount of time it takes for an effective daily practice that gets results? Is it okay to skip a day’s practice here and there? (p83)

  • One simple tweak to your practice that will skyrocket both the size & speed of your results (p83)

  • How to re-discover your inner navigation system, hidden sixth sense & master power (p50)

  • The 4 phases of any effective meditation practice. Missing just one of these phases can limit the benefits (p181)

  • How to navigate through difficult phases of your practice – how to keep your practice fresh, exciting & fun! (p196)

  • Life in the body responds to ______ (p79)

  • The master tool for developing your “own most possibilities” – what’s most right & appropriate for you in your life (p66)

  • How to set things up so you automatically manifest what you truly want on a consistent basis (p79)

  • Discover the “master tool” of personal growth: the “mother” of all manifestation techniques! (p82)

  • Why daily practice is essential for lasting success (p83)

  • Secrets Of "Sacred Sight": How to see the world with appreciation, gratitude & acceptance (p120)

  • How to enjoy the 4 types of exercise you need for a healthy mind, body & spirit. Which type of exercise and what combination of the four is best for you?

  • How to bring “core energetic awareness” & mind-body training into any form of exercise you want to enjoy (p126)

  • How to prioritize your day to cater for your own most possibilities as well as your other key responsibilities (p129)

  • How the work of an Italian economist relates to the life you are meant to live (p130)

  • How to increase your “manifesting power” (and your bank balance) exponentially. With continually expanding resources, what will you be choosing to do 6 months from now? (p131)

  • Why sometimes it’s better not to expand your horizons (p134)

  • How to keep your daily practice fresh, exciting & uplifting so you continually become richer & happier (p135)


Secrets Of "Core Energetic Awareness"

How To Know Who You Are & What You're Here To Do


  • How to develop your “core energetic awareness” so that you know your heart’s purpose & the best course of action in any given moment (p52)

  • What to do when emotional baggage runs counter to what you want (p60)

  • The simple 3-step “core energy technique” for returning to a natural state of peace at will. This allows you to inwardly know the best choice for you in any given moment (p48)

  • How to tap into the power of your hidden sixth sense

  • How to tune into the multi-layered web of reality to know what’s going on in other cities, even around the world! (p52)

  • Another simple 3-step technique for shifting out of any negative pattern of thought, emotion or behavior (p72)

  • Mastering the art of subtle awareness - how to monitor “energy in” & “energy out” so you can better choose your experience (p74)

  • How to understand your energetic relationship with the world around you

  • How to understand your emotional vibration & the power of feeling

  • How to shift into a “core energy state” at will, so you feel happy & balanced no matter what you’re doing

  • Uncovering the hidden forces that shape your experience

Here's What Kevin's Clients Have To Say



"I've met hundreds of people in my life and I consider most of them friends. But, of those, only a few are considered my mentors. You are one of those few. I admire your vast realm of knowledge, your inner peace and your ability to touch others. You have provided guidance and support when I was unsure of which path to take. And perhaps above all, you believed in me. Thank you for everything."

Denise P., Colorado, USA

"The past 3 months have been a nightmare of pain and mindfulness, of watching my thoughts, because any anger and negativity goes straight to my back. I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me both physically and emotionally. I have mostly good days now!"

Kimiko S., Colorado, USA


"Kevin, I appreciate: your steady attention and encouragement, how you model being in the present moment, and the breadth of wisdom and information that you share."

Alice S., Colorado, USA


"The most important realization that I have had through your program is that I can do something about negative patterns. I have some control, can reduce fears, and can change how I relate to my life."

Lea A., Colorado, USA


"I started with meditation practice in 1973. I have had many good meditation instructors, but Kevin is by far the best I have ever known. He is present and practices everything he teaches every moment"
Marjorie S. McCurtain,


"I began using these Qigong meditations over a year ago to help relieve chronic pain in my lower back. I have achieved a heightened awareness of the body/mind connection through these exercises and visualizations. They melt the stored stress in the muscles and calm the mind which generates it. I highly recommend these Qigong meditations as a simple yet effective way to feel better.

Karen Robuck,

Okay Kevin & Matt... So What's This Going To Cost Me?

The short answer is nowhere near what it should. Let me explain with a quick comparison...

To work with Kevin on a one-to-one basis would easily end up costing you HUNDREDS of dollars. A good personal trainer can easily cost you upwards of $50 per hour, and that's not accounting for the fact that what Kevin teaches is VERY specialized.

So do the math. Just 3 sessions per week - that's $600 per month.

We certainly won't be charging anything like that.

The other factor here is that we're launching this program in a "download only" format. Because the internet significantly lowers our order processing and fulfillment costs, we're able to pass on the discount to you.

When we eventually release "The Power Of Practice" as a hard product, the program will likely be priced in the region of several hundred dollars.  But again, you won't pay anything like that.

The download only version of "The Power Of Practice" is just $97!

But wait...

We are currently conducting a marketing experiment to help us improve the response rates of this web site. As part of this test, we have decided to try a much lower price point for a limited time. Depending on the results of this test, we may decide to keep the new price or we may not. (We'll make that decision based on the data, but for now, this is very good news for you.)

So right now, The Power Of Practice is yours for just $47. (We make no promises about how long this low price will be available.)

And because we really want you to take this opportunity and APPLY this material in your life, we're even going to throw in 10 useful, high value bonuses to give you every incentive to take action now..



10 Amazing Bonuses For Your Quick Action


The Complete Audios For

"The Power Of Practice"

(in MP3 download format)

Listen as the author Kevin Schoeninger reads "The Power Of Practice" to you.  This allows you to get the energy and feeling that inspired this program.  In addition to reading the PDF, you'll be able to listen to the audio on your computer, or copy your audio to CD/MP3 player.  All 7.5 hours of audio mp3 is waiting to be downloaded immediately once your order has been accepted! (Value $97)

My "Secrets Of Abundant

Energy" Practice CD

(in MP3 download format)

This is my personal daily practice of Qigong breathing exercise, meditation, gratitude and feeling based visualization. It's normally only available as part of my $400 program "Secrets Of Abundant Energy".  Now you can create your own  daily practice with the help of this audio.  (Value $49)

How To Overcome Your Bad Relationship With Money
By Kevin Schoeninger

In this excellent report Kevin shows you how to apply "The Power Of Practice" to your finances.  You'll discover the two approaches that DON'T work when it comes to attracting wealth and what you need to do to begin attracting financial abundance. A MUST read.
(PDF Report. Value $29)

Interview with Kevin Schoeninger
on meditation, Qigong
and mind-body training
(MP3 download. Value $29)


Interview with best selling author Sonia Choquette on "trusting your vibes" and discovering your personal gifts. (MP3 download. Value $29)

Matt Clarkson's "Secrets Of The Expanded Awareness"

A technique adapted from the work of leading NLP trainer Chris Howard.  It uses visual cues to help you release and let go of ANY limitation, often in seconds.  The technique can also be used when learning or studying to improve memory retention.  Very powerful.  Easy to learn with this short 15 minute audio. 

(Value $29)

Money Making Secrets
of Mind Power Masters

How to Use the Magical Powers of Your Mind to Create an Endless Stream of Prosperity and Abundance in your Life.  25 of the world's most spiritual entrepreneurs share their hidden success secrets for massive wealth.  (PDF e-book. Value $37)

Special report on clearing
limiting beliefs

In this Special Report from Amanda Goldston, there are lots of juicy goodies for you including:

  • What are Limiting Beliefs that stop you having the Success you deserve?

  • What are the top 10 Limiting Beliefs that could be wrecking havoc in your Abundance Plan?

  • Take our fascinating Beliefs Quiz and discover in minutes what causes people around you to repeat the same destructive patterns that stop success flowing to them.

  • How to shift blocks without having to go back and dig up the pain of the past.
    (PDF Report. Value $27)

Matt Clarkson's
Manifesting Meditation

A wonderful 20 minute meditation which guides you to focus on good feelings and gratitude followed by a feeling based visualization of what you most want to attract. (MP3 download. Value $19)


Matt Clarkson's
Acceptance Meditation

A wonderful 20 minute meditation focusing on developing feelings of acceptance.  Very relaxing and peaceful. (MP3 download. Value $19)


Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!


You Have Nothing To Lose & Everything To Gain With Our

"100% Iron Clad Guarantee!"

Both Kevin and myself stand completely behind this program and we know that if you apply the materials of this course, you'll be healthier, happier and living the life you are meant to live.  In fact, if you do your part and apply the material, we'll even guarantee that...

  • You know how to discover, create and deepen your personal practice so you can live your heart's desire and manifest spectacular results!

  • You know how to discover, create and deepen your personal practice so you can live your heart's desire and manifest spectacular results!

  • Your awareness of who you are and what you're really here to do has skyrocketed! You walk through the world with purpose and the Universe responds accordingly!

  • You know how to discover, create and deepen your personal practice so you can live your heart's desire and manifest spectacular results!

  • Your relationships have taken on a deeper sense of love and connection!

  • You know and live the life you are meant to live on all three levels of self.

Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!




So Why Are You Doing This?

The reason we're giving you such a bold guarantee is that we know that diligent practice of this material will change your life forever.  But even though we can guarantee the power of this material, we cannot guarantee that you will follow through and use it. 

We are happy to do this for you with one serious stipulation - you have to agree to play your part and follow through on the program.  That's only fair.

And if after 90 days you honestly feel you've done your part and you still are not 100% satisfied, then Kevin and I don't deserve to keep your money.  As long as you explain that you have followed through on the material, simply return the product for an immediate no-hassle refund.

So What Are You Waiting For?


The world needs what you have to offer


If you've tried to apply the law of attraction in your life and felt there was some room for improvement, you're going to love your new perspective on this.  Download your very own copy of "The Power Of Practice" program now and get started right away.  It's jam packed with everything you need to know so you can develop your personal practice and live the life YOU are meant to live.


Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!



Happy practicing,

Matt & Kevin

Matt Clarkson & Kevin Schoeninger



P.S.  Now is the time for you to discover what they never told you in "The Secret".  Now is the time for you to take your dreams and make them real with The Power Of Practice


P.P.S  You must order today to get the best bargain.  You'll save $50 ... AND ...  you'll get ten (10) very valuable and highly useful bonuses with a real, combined value of $363 to compliment The Power Of Practice.  This offer will not last.  You must order now to reserve your bonus package at the discounted price.  Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!


P.P.P.S  Remember your order is backed by our 100% risk-free guarantee. If for whatever reason you're not thrilled with this program, just return the course within 90 days of receipt for a no-questions-asked full refund (as long as you've followed through on your part of our agreement and practiced the material).  We can't be fairer than that, can we?  So what are you waiting for...Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!


Click here to get your copy of The Power Of Practice right now!











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